The Freunde are a non-profit association continuously supporting KW Institute for Contemporary Art and the Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art, the two organs of KUNST-WERKE BERLIN e.V.. Founded in 1996 as KW Freunde e. V., they support financially and ideationally, profit of the manifold program of KW and Berlin Biennale, have their own events and help secure both institutions’ place in society through their personal commitment. All donations, originating from the program and the membership fees, benefit in their entirety to the work of both institutions, its exhibition program, and the artists represented.

KW Freunde e. V.
Auguststraße 69
10117 Berlin

Lia Marie Hillers
Tel +49 30 24 34 59 48

Dr. Martin Heller, Chair
Dr. Katharina Garbers-von Boehm, Vice Chair
Dr. Stefan Lorenz, Treasurer
Krist Gruijthuijsen, Director KW Institute for Contemporary Art
Gabriele Horn, Director Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art

Holder: KW Freunde e. V.
Bank: Commerzbank Berlin
IBAN: DE73 100 800 00 0944 6

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